Loca rubia

Guess what?

The Brewer's yeast that can be found at the bottom of the bottle of La Loca Juana is the product of a second fermentation and is rich in folic acid, Vitamin B and essential minerals We do not filter la Loca Juana leaving you to enjoy all its properties.
  • Creaft beer
  • Bottle conditioned
  • No gas added
  • No pasteurized or filtered
  • Pilsen
  • 4,5 % Vol. Alc.
  • I.B.U.: 20


La Loca Juana Rubia is a beer made with pilsner malt, a touch of pale ale, oatmeal and two types of hops: Nugget and Saaz. A pale golden colour, it develops a thick creamy white foam that tops well and remains present throughout the drinking experience. It has a delicate gasification particular to a well prepared craft beer.

On the nose the aromas of cereal and toasted bread are very present, its body manifests on your palate but goes down with the most surprising ease, due to a sought after balance between the alcohol and touch of bitterness. It is a light and fresh beer.

Storage suggestions

It is important that La Loca Juana is stored vertically so that the yeast inside the bottle settles to the bottom. Serve by tilting the glass at 45° at a distance that will allow a creamy foam to develop in the glass on impact. You might choose to flavor the class by rubbing it with some orange peel, the contrasts between the bitterness of the peel and the sweetness of the fruit complement the aroma and flavor of our beer to perfection.