The castle in Iscar

How the Castle influences our recipes

Our second fermentation takes place in a hall of the castle. Its 2 meter thick stone walls condition the temperature of the room. We naturally have around 7 degrees in winter and 20 degrees in summer. Thus the castle influences our recipes. We use lager yeast and lots of winter ale in the summer.

The first written mention of Iscar dates back to 939AD, narrating the passage of troops sent by Abderraman´s III to destroy the first Christian settlements south of the river Duero. The Christian re-population of Iscar took place in 1086 by Alfonso VI, the monarch delegated the task of said re-populating to Alvar Fanez de Minaya.

The Castle as it stands now has been recently restored by the City of Iscar. The castle stands on the ruins of another ancient fort and offers a breathtaking view of the small town below and its pine forests. The oldest preserved section was built in the late thirteenth century, whilst a walk inside its walls and around the 2,000 square meter courtyard will make your imagination travel back in time to when this Castle was a symbol and the protector of the people of this region.